There are some crazy drivers out there. To be safe on the road, you better be able to stop!

Today’s vehicles have complex braking systems that are designed to give you control of your vehicle in all types of weather. If your ABS system or traction control isn’t working the way it was designed, you are putting yourself in danger. Keep an eye on your dashboard for lights indicating brake problems.

At Abita Garage, we inspect, service and repair all types of brakes, stability and traction control systems for all types of vehicles.  If you don’t trust your brakes, swing by the shop.  But please, pull in slowly!

Air Conditioning

Here in South Louisiana, you’ve got to have good AC. At Abita Garage, you can rely on us to keep you cool and comfortable. When your air conditioning doesn’t work right, you are not just driving in a hot car, but you may not be able to clear the inside of your windshield during rainy weather. That’s not safe.

Here at Abita’s original full service garage, we have the skill, equipment and years of experience to diagnose your problem right, the first time. No air conditioning issue is too difficult or too complicated for our team.

There is no reason to suffer through a hot car ride. If you just need an 0-ring, that’s what you’ll get. If the compressor is shot, you know we’ll stand behind our work. Contact Abita Garage and let us help you to make sure your air conditioning is working right.

Engines & Transmissions

Your drive train (engine & transmission) is a series of complex components and systems.  When one starts to fail, it can effect your car’s overall performance. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, an efficient 4 cylinder engine or a heavy duty diesel, the Technicians at the Abita Garage can find the problem and fix it.

Pay attention to your Check Engine light. When it comes on, your vehicle is trying to communicate with you.  Don’t panic. But don’t assume it doesn’t require attention. If your Check Engine light is flashing, your vehicle requires immediate attention and you should stop by the shop as soon as possible.

Also pay attention to any changes in your vehicle’s behavior including jerking, grinding, stalling, slow acceleration, strange odors, vibrations or sounds. Explain any changes in detail to the team and they will make sure to check it out.

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