Sometimes the most basic services are the ones that keep your car on the road and out of the shop. Regular fluid services, like oil changes, coolant flushes and transmission servicing can keep your car running better, longer.

Over time, the fluids in your car will break down, losing their ability to do what they were designed to do. Oil becomes contaminated by dirt and other materials, which can prevent it from protecting the most sensitive parts of your engine. Transmission fluid not only lubricates expensive parts, it also cools and provides the pressure necessary to shift gears.

At the Abita Garage, we can take care of all of these services and more. We perform all types of fluid services including those for the cooling system, brake system, power steering system and transmission on an as needed basis or as required by repair or your owner’s manual. You’ll have confidence knowing that your car is being maintained and will be ready to go when you are.

Tires & Suspension

You know what they say, “The chrome don’t get you home!” Tire and suspension issues can not only cause a bumpy ride, but can quickly put you on the side of the road, or worse.

If your tires or suspension are wearing out, your car may be hard to control while making a quick stop or turn. Your suspension system works with your brakes and your tires to ensure that your car stays level and under control. Keeping your tires and suspension in check is an important step in car care.

We are happy to inspect your tires or excessive or abnormal wear.  This is often the first sign your suspension is failing.  The tire & suspension experts at Abita’s original full service garage will also help you choose tires that fits your vehicle and budget.

State Inspection Stickers

Officer Friendly is always on the lookout for expired inspection stickers.  Not only does this generate revenue for the State, but it protects other drivers for cars that shouldn’t be on the road.  Abita Garage a licensed Auto Inspection Station by the State of Louisiana.  Our certified vehicle inspectors will inspect your general vehicle based on the State Standard Requirements and update your inspection sticker.

At the time of a vehicle inspection all drivers must present:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current valid insurance

Have a problem that might not pass?  We’ll let you know and quote you a price for the repairs.


Ready to grill but the tank’s empty?  Man that’s not going to work!  Don’t spend more at one of those expensive tank swaps at the big box store.  Swing by the shop and we will be happy to fill your approved propane tank.